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Dr John Steer qualified at the Internationally acclaimed and respected University of Cape Town obtaining his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree. His initial training was at the famous Groote Schuur Hospital and it was during his training that Professor Chris Barnard did the first heart transplant. Exciting days for the hospital and world. Born and bred in Cape Town he was schooled at Rondebosch achieving leadership positions and sporting colours.

As a medical student he was Chairman of the Medical Students Council. His specialist training was initially at Groote Schuur Hospital and then in London where he worked for the legendary Sir Donald Harrison at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital in London.

This unit was the most prestigious Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Unit in the United Kingdom with trainees from all over the world. He obtained his Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in London and then returned to Groote Schuur where he held the position of a Specialist Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon until entering private practice in Cape Town.

He’s been an influential member of the Society of Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgeons since early in his career serving on the Executive for many years and being elected its National Chairman.

As regards the National Medical Association he’s again held leadership positions not only as Chairman but President of the Cape Western Branch of the Medical Association and for many years being a Federal Councillor of the National Medical Association. His contributions have been recognised by awards from both the South African Association of Ear Nose Throat and Head Neck Surgeons and the National Association.

He’s served on the Cape Western Branch Council for many years and is long standing editor of the Cape Doctor, official newsletter of the local branch of the Medical Association. This publication has won numerous national awards. His interests in the field of Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck surgery have been widespread with particular international exposure and expertise in both functional and cosmetic surgery of the nose and has taken part in international panels with some of the worlds most famous nasal surgeons.

He’s presented work on the correction of bat ears (protruding ears) at international meetings and chaired international meetings in South Africa on nasal and sinus surgery. His practice was the first in this country to import the carbon dioxide laser and the practice has wide experience in the realistic management of laser treatment of snoring.

The practice offers comprehensive cover for all ear nose and throat problems and offers what is literally a unique service regards ears and hearing. We offer a comprehensive opinion on all matters related to hearing. We’re able to provide not only diagnostic profiles but offer a highly sophisticated hearing aid service.


Dr Steer has also a keen interest and experience in allergy having served on the Executive of the Allergy Society of South Africa also having attended international allergy conferences in all of the main continents.

The practice is situated in historic Prince Alfred House in the beautiful Wynberg Village. Prince Alfred House was built in 1835 and is a National Monument offering a uniquely personal ambience with furnishings of antiques, Africana and background of gentle classical music. A total contrast to the often sterile hospital surroundings patients are so often exposed to.

Our aim is to make surroundings as friendly as possible in which we’ve been most successful. The waiting room opens onto a small courtyard garden being a particular delight not only to young children but also adults. There is easy wheelchair access.

In essence our practice offers you a highly competent specialist service in all aspects of the ear nose throat and hearing including functional and cosmetic surgery of the nose as well as experienced advice about the realistic treatment options for snoring.

We offer you a highly personalised service in a most relaxed ambience in one of the most beautiful historic national monument houses of the Wynberg Village. Our practice prides itself on it’s respected standing in the general and medical community and we’re proud to offer you a very special type of specialist service. The kind South African medicine is famous for.

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