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One feels particularly strongly anyone with a Hearing Problem needs be assessed by two professionals. An Ear Nose and Throat surgeon and an Audiologist or Acoustician. Neither can or should ideally work on their own and both may have different approaches and understanding of the hearing problem. As such, discussion between these two is absolutely essential.

There's also a lot of psychology and emotion involved and understanding the Neurologic and Psychologic aspects is extremely important. This is what we offer when assessing hearing problems.

I refer to past experiences where patients were assessed by solely Audiologists who, with respect, were often unaware of what diseases were present and their dangers or what surgical options needed discussion. In addition it's absolutely essential that anyone assessing a hearing loss be able to examine the ear Professionally and Competently. Something as simple as “clearing wax” can provide a problem, that frequently requires using a sucker and microscope. This is something your ENT surgeon is skilled at, not something often found within the competence of the Audiology group. Recall wax can be a significant factor blocking off the tiny microphones and receivers in a hearing aid.

So what I for a long time have appealed for is combination of Ear Surgeon and Audiologist. This was actively promulgated by Professor Carel du Toit who one regards as the "Doyenne of Hearing" for those with hearing impairment in South Africa. I had the privilege of meeting and discussing this issue with him on several occasions.

We thus offer you this combination of services.

I'm very pleased to announce that Nadine Jooste will be joining us at Prince Alfred House Hearing Centre and one should really say, "rejoining." We worked together for a number of years when she was here with The Hearing Clinic as one of their senior Audiologists. We know each other well and have an excellent relationship. She's left The Hearing Clinic and we're delighted to be working with this wonderful friendly, empathetic and experienced Audiologist.

Every person with a hearing problem will be assessed and discussed by us both and you will have the benefit of a combined consultation with all the advantages this brings.

We, in addition, have unique technology in the KuduWave Hearing Assessment system... the Kudu has exquisite hearing, hence the appellation... and a massive advantage is you are not tested in the “claustrophobic circumstances” of an audiology booth. One is thus able to watch results on a computer as the test progresses. This spectacular new development is designed by a South Africa Doctor with extraordinary proficiency in technology.

It's a massive advance and we find it enormously useful and impressive.

Our arrangement thus offers wide-ranging expertise in assessing your hearing loss and what options are available. We have a wide range in contacts and, on a personal front, my brother-in- law is Derrick Wagenfeld, previously Professor of ENT at Tygerberg, who is this country's premier cochlea implant surgeon. So, in a way, we're keeping things in the family.

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